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HackCoin - London - August 2015

05 Sep HackCoin - London - August 2015

On the 28th August a special hackathon event was held at the Notting Hill Barclays Accelerator.

The theme and format of the event were different to other HackCoin events as this one focused on “Trading and the Blockchain”.

The event, dubbed a TradeHack asked participants to focus on the key aspects of trading the blockchain such as trading bots, the new APERTA contract system and decentralised trading.

In total, 5 teams competed for the first prize. The winning team’s idea, ‘Cashbit’ demonstrated how P2P digital currency trading can be done on an entirely decentralised level whilst at the same time maintaining the key security aspects relating to KYC. The winning team is now considering taking steps forward in better developing their idea further. The runner’s up to the competition developed an idea of a ‘voucher bank’ using blockchain technology.

The event was sponsored by AlphaPoint, Blockchain.info, Diacle, APERTA and Merkle Tree. As always, their contribution was invaluable in making this happen. 



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