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London Summer Events

04 Aug London Summer Events




HackCoin London 2015 - Barclays Accelerator

Following on from the success of the previous London event at UBS, another hackathon event was organised on the 24th July. Since the previous theme had been explored but no business implementation had been offered by the wider market in the meantime, the same theme was selected. Thus, “Identity and the Blockchain” was focused on by participants.

In the course of the event, more ideas were presented by the competing teams. Together with the support of Eris Industries and their platform during the course of the competition, ideas were more narrowly developed around the their technology platform and the central theme. NXT was also used during the course of the event which further spurred innovation amongst the participants as they were able to devise ways for interoperability of the two technology platforms whilst at the same time focusing on the central theme.

This event, supported by the Barclays Accelerator, attracted more participants than in the previous competition that was held. Most importantly, the extent of the skills of individual participants meant that technical considerations as well as business and legal considerations resulted being of higher quality. The event also attracted international participants including some travelling from Sweden and The Netherlands in order to take part. The winning team was able to effectively combine all of the necessary elements to be able to eventually implement the idea. They have since taken steps to develop it further into a business. This was also done with the runner up to the event who also stated they will taking their idea forward.

The main sponsors for the event were the Barclays Accelerator, AlphaPoint, Eris Industries, NXT, Merkle Tree, Jetcoin, Diacle, Groovix, Drachmae, Supernet, Factom and Identity2020. Speaking at the event, Preston Byrne from Eris Industries said that participants “were thinking about privacy, thinking about data and thinking about utility. It was really refreshing to see technology for what it is and what it can do”.

HackCoin London 2015 - UBS

The event was hosted at Level 39 in Canary Wharf (London) on the 20th June 2015. A central theme was selected so as to make sure that participants could focus on a single topic as it could spur innovation in that particular area. In fact, one of the main aims of HackCoin is attract participants in a single space so that they can intensively and collectively devise solutions to a particular issue.

The central theme of the event was “Identity and the Blockchain”. The choice of the theme made it so that participants could directly focus on a single issue and its multiple facets. The result of the competition was that there were several ideas which were not only feasible, but were also already being pursued outside of the competition itself. Moreover, the theme of the event attracted participants who had the required skills, competencies and capabilities to be able to tackle the main problem together with the use cases identified.

Among the observers at the event were Paul Ferris from the UK Digital Currency Association and Alex Batlin from UBS and their Level 39 program. In speaking about the event Paul Ferris said “well thought through and effective in bringing together real life business cases”. The sponsors for the event were numerous with UBS, NXT, Merkle Tree, Jetcoin and Supernet contributing. NXT was the event’s main technology partner as participants were required to use their technology platform to implement their solutions on.

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